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Internal Wet Areas

Compatible tiling membranes are applied to areas such as bathrooms, laundries and toilets. Membranes can vary from liquid applied to sheet membranes with full heat weld laps and details.

External Wet Areas

We can provide a complete service for all aspects of waterproofing protection to new and existing buildings through the application of membranes, liquids and sealants.  We can also design custom solutions for your site.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection can be a very costly and time-consuming process, and not always guaranteed to be a direct hit on the troubled area.
We use state of the art INFRARED IMAGING to locate the troubled area in seconds.
This method of Leak Detection is cost effective, saving you time and money on lengthy inspections that can lead nowhere. Also, unlike traditional methods where the inspection can be very destructive, the Infrared Camera provides an accurate image of the troubled area in seconds!
Other methods also used include High Water Pressure Testing and Flood Testing.
A full Leak Detection Report can be supplied, outlining the troubled areas, the causes and remediation actions involved to rectify the issue.


We choose our products carefully, knowing the products we use as well as our workmanship need to stand the test of time.


Protective Waterproofing provides waterproofing solutions to many areas of the building remedial and maintenance sector. Water damaged areas can be found and treated by our trained remedial crew. Ineffective waterproofing materials can be replaced with compatible modern membranes.
Our long-term remedial solutions are backed by the input of suppliers who scrutinise ever specification before put in action.
We work closely with like minded Trades personal to ensure every aspect of your project is completed by a qualified, Master Builders Member.

24/7 Emergency Call Out

When The Unexpected Happens, There Is No Need To Panic! Protective Waterproofing is available 24/7 for all your emergency Leak/Roof repairs. Call our 24-hour emergency line at 0478 047 938


Protective Waterproofing can provide a maintenance plan for your property so that any potential problems are identified and solved, before the actually become problems. The longer maintenance is left, the bigger the job and the bills gets. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of any waterproofing material. Leaky Homes have a wide range of waterproofing problems. With our Remedial back ground, we can give you advice on the waterproofing issues you are experiencing. The full extent of problems are not always immediately obvious and require extensive knowledge of not only any problems that can be seen, but of those that are hidden within the building.


Protective Waterproofing provide a complete service for all aspects of commercial waterproofing protection to new and existing buildings through the application of membranes, coatings and sealants. We work closely with supplier & architectural specifications to ensure the design will withstand all elements. Our sister company based in New Zealand has over 40 year combined experience in the commercial sector. A suitable solution is a phone call away. If you need waterproofing that works, we can help. Click here to find out more about our sister company.